Today, people in nearly 100 countries around the world will mark the Global day of actisbjornion on Climate Change. Demonstrations, manifestations and conferences on climate change will take place from Norway in the north, to South Africa in the scrowd1outh.


In Bangladesh there will be organised events in the coastal areas keeping in mind that these are the most vulnerable places of the world to the natural disasters caused by climate change. A radio station in Benin will send talk shows on climate change the whole day. In Australia there will be public talks and presentations on climate change. No one can hide from the climate changes. People all over the world are realising we share the same world Many countries are sending messages to the climate negotiations in Poznan.



In Poznan there was a big demonstration with more then four hundred youth.  Here are some pictures.

By Johanne S.  Houge, in Poznan, Polen