Camping in the middle of Nordmarka on Friday the 13th!

Camping in the middle of Nordmarka on Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th, and a group of youth has gathered at a cabin in Nordmarka. Isolated from the world outside, surrounded only by the forest. Some has been part of this before, others did not know what they had gotten them self into.

Everyone in the group had secrets that should be revealed and new nicknames to go by. And the cabin, Tannlegehytta («the dentist cabin») had secrets of its own, several experienced the horror of the basement. Is there a mad dentist on the loose?

One thing is certain; they will never be the same. During the weekend the group will change – they’ll gain new knowledge and power that’ll help them change the world and influence the most powerful people in it.

This could very well be the scenery of a horror movie, luckily it’s not:  It’s the Spire Autumn Seminar!

Spire - Gruppebilde (mer…)