Yesterday I had the honour to represent YOUNGO, the youth constituency, at the UNFCCC climate negotiations at the intersessional meeting in Bonn, Germany.

Bonn plenary hall

I presented an intervention at the opening session for the Kyoto Protocol negotiations (AWG-KP). This was the first session that was on time without fights about the agenda here in Bonn.

My intervention was about the need for clear leadership by developed countries and the need for them to step up and commit to a second commitment period under the protocol without conditions. The last line was: Show leadership and political will and we will support you.

I was very nervous, as this was my first time speaking in this weird setting. However I was as happy as I can be with the outcome, but questioned whether anyone listened as the themes being addressed were pretty general. But 20 minutes later we had a meeting with the head of the Norwegian delegation who immediately upon meeting me commended my intervention and wanted a written copy of it. That made it worth it for me although I wonder what he will use it for.

You can see the intervention at the UNFCCC webcast website at 1.16
And a youtube video will be published later.

Dina Hestad