A lot of movement happening in these buildings, and outside!! It is hard to divide our time between the meetings, seminars, conferences, manifestations and the update of Twitter and the blog.

Today we started the day with a meeting of the NGO´s who are supporting the “WTO turnover: no more crisis” campaign which is the main work of the Global Network Organizations joining the campaign of Our World is Not For Sale (OWINFS). The idea is to have a briefing of all done in the previous day and share ideas for this day. Meetings, participations in conferences and seminars and actions (manifestations) were expressed and coordinated. It was really interesting to hear how individual achievements are put in disposition of others to common good and to have the opportunity of join initiatives and support each other. Alliances and blocs are created fast, spontaneously and in a very efficient way or means. Perhaps the “other” Conference should work a bit similar to this one…
There are a lot of things to read, to hear, to absorb, is a continuous process where you need to go deep in some points in order to keep absorbing more.

At 13:00 hours our group of Norwegian NGO´s meet for an internal briefing and lunch together, were the main item was to discuss a proper strategy for the upcoming meeting with the Norwegian Official delegation.

The meeting, rather short allowed us to express our comments and intentions and more important address our requests directly to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre. Who patiently heard everything, but did not move any of his positions. For instance, when asked about considering the claims from the Less Develop Countries (LDC), he simply replied “what claims?”
In fact, this has being one of the main issues in this Ministerial Summit: The Ministers and Ambassadors seems to be afraid of carrying the guilt of be the first one (perhaps only one) raising their voice against the Doha Round Development Negotiations. Surely there are many countries feeling and suffering the burn created by these negotiations, but complaining against them is a political game that the vast majority don´t have to courage to play.
Later in the day we participated in the Seminar “Scenarios for Global Economic Governance» it was an interesting presentation of the financial and economic crisis with its fundamental problems, where the system of governance and its improvement is an alternative response to the actual crisis. By picturing different scenarios for the year 2020 one (especially politicians) can see what could happen if wrong decisions are made.
We ended up the day with the group briefing with the OWINFS network, updating on the issues and meetings held during the day and preparing the strategy for the next day.

For closing the day the group of Norwegian NGO´s had a well deserved dinner together in a local restaurant. Delicious Swiss food! although the prices could always be better. 😛

By Felipe Díaz