After a structural change in the local group representatives and a long process of planning campaigns for the spring semester, Spire Ås is now packed with new and old ambitious Spirer full on track into a successful semester.

Spire ÅS 1

Last Thursday evening about 50 interested students came together to listen to our first official seminar on the topic „Salmon Farming and Aquaculture“.

Trond Storebakken, Prof. in Aquacultural Science and Agriculture, and Ian Bryceson, Prof. of Marine Biology and Aquaculture, both professors at NMBU, gave interesting presentation about sustainability aspects on different aquaculture practices, inputs and outcomes.

Spire ÅS 2

Trond Storbakken presented an overview over fish feed and its sustainability characteristics focusing on challenges in phosphor cycles and the need to increase plant based fish feed. Looking at a sustainable way to produce fish feed he concluded with suggesting possible protein sources that should be used, such as marine co-products and non-food ingredients.

Spire ÅS 3

Ian Bryceson gave us an introduction on the history of aquaculture in which we learned about the most relevant aquacultures and species used globally. Followed by a comparison of industrialized aquaculture practices used in most industries such as salmon farming and integrated polyculture systems, such as VAC (Vuon-Ao-Chuong), he presented a very good picture about current challenges, but also possible solution with regards to sustainable practices.

Spire ÅS 4

Spiced up with stories and pictures about their research both presentation gave us insights with very different angles, which led to a lively discussion among the professors and the students, but it also raised important question like how do we define sustainability? How do we see the right way for our future. What is possible and how can we achieve it?

Spire ÅS 5

But to say it with the words of Ian Brysecon, «luckily there are engaged people like Spire, that try to have an impact even if they are a small group compared to the population of Norway“. And even if it seems that most current practices are driven by profit maximization rather than sustaining the environment – raising awareness, learning about alternatives and challenging current systems are possible instruments everyone can use to make a change!

And with these words we are looking forward in expectations to our next seminar is tomorrow, Friday, dealing exactly with the question of our future politics – the main Spire campaign this year „Framtidsombudet – Ombudsperson for Future Generations“ the 28th of March in Ås! Welcome everyone!

Writen by Stephanie Degenhardt, from Spire’s local chapter in Ås.