For the first time in my life I didn’t know what to expect from a trip. Travelling at night, oh my God! Will I sleep, seat! What should I really expect? Travelling for 7 hours makes it worse! The day of travel filled my heart with mixed feelings, only to be upgraded to a sleeper, wow, what a nice upgrade. My travel partner and I slept the whole way, the whole night if I may. “Welcome to Trondheim” the train crew announced…

It was as though we had slept home. That morning we were very ready for the days’ work, and it went on well. Welcomed by a very nice host family, with a nice baby, who was surprised at the site of me.

Standing at the University was so much fun, as there was a variety of characters, we stood there handing out brochures and information about the seminar to be held later that day. Some were nice and some as usual, “Nai Takk”. Enjoyed the seminar, though even after the good work, the turnout was very disheartening, but later had an amazing dinner.

The most amazing thing happened the following day, the day of the stunt. We were handing out and sticking poems in the streets of Trondheim, and as we followed the main street, the site on a huge amazing temple like structure filed my face with so much shock and amazement. “What is that”, I asked? It was the greatest church of Norway, it was really amazing, though when we were told we couldn’t go in, and we were breaking down, especially my colleague. We were given an alternative to just sneak in, for the service, which we did, and wow…. It was so amazing. We left that place very happy people.

The travel back to Oslo was unthinkable, being transferred into two different buses and travelling for almost 10 hrs. was so tire and stressing for us.

Meeting the others in the house relaxed and ready for the next mornings, trip. My colleague and I were so not looking forward to the trip, but we had to. Working the whole way on the presentations. This was ‘the experience’. We stopped over in Voss and made our presentations with the high school students. Continued with our journey and got to Bergen, where we straight away went to our presentation meeting with the members there. The turnout was amazing and had a very wonderful meeting.

This was really a nice experience.

– Shuko Musemangezhi (utveksler fra Zambia)