‘Look at that, isn’t that so amazing?’

‘Wow, yes it is!’ smiling.

We were filled with a complete warm feeling of excitement when we were selected for the exchange, surfing the internet and getting as much information about Norway as possible. We know ‘curiosity killed the cat’ but the thought of being exposed to extreme weather conditions could not bring peace within us.

Fear of the unexpected, living in a different culture is really not easy and then all the concerns of misunderstanding due to background differences. What will they think? How will they feel? How will they react? Do they think like us in any ways? Social needs – fears of the unknown.

Foto: flickr.com / Travlr

But first, a little bit about the two if us:

Lizzie Banda

I am a female Zambian who is the second born in a family of four siblings, and the only girl surrounded by 3 boys. I studied BSc in natural resources management at the University of Zambia in Lusaka, and I also run a family bakery. I am a very proactive, synergetic, creative, innovative and determined person, and I’m able to rise even in great challenges. I am a limitless person and surround myself in extensive borders of thinking. I love science and reading.

Shuko Musemangezhi

I am a Zambian male who is the only child and has grown up with a single parent (mother), who has been my inspiration. I have a Certificate in Positive Youth Development (PYD) and am currently studying medicine at Lusaka Apex Medical University in Lusaka. I am a visionary, creative, easy going and down to earth person, that loves to take up anything challenging. I love to make music and helping people is my long life dream.

On the 12th August 2012, the worst fear came into reality, bearing in mind that we were leaving our beloved ones for three months to a distant place. Caught in thought, expressed by extreme silence and defined by faces displaying extreme gloom and despair. But smiling faces welcomed us, with a beautiful place and gave our faces joyous moments in Norway by showing us great love and warmth.

Monday 14th August, the team was ready to leave Oslo for Uvdal to attend the LNU training course and this was truly amazing and a life changing experience at this camp.  Three teams converged at a training and opportunity of a lifetime with 14 participants from Bolivia, Columbia, Nicaragua, Zambia and from within Norway. The experience was great, each morning we woke up to a new day packed with a new challenge for the day. Each challenging course just brought the teams together and the teambuilding was truly building and by the end of this training camp the 3 teams had emerged into a big team and this became


The next training was in Sørmarka with Fredskorpset.  This was another great experience  and again so much was gained and with so many people gathered here the LNU Comfort Zone stood strong and we stood even stronger. Intercultural communication was elaborated further and more challenges presented and most of us remember the blue (Norway) and reds (Zambia) and understand culture more clearly.

– Lizzie and Shuko