Today, most of the time has been spent in confusion as to what is going to happen further on in the process. When we arrived at RioCentro, everybody were sitting in the food court waiting for something to happen.

Yesterday was the last official day of the PrepCom, and so now the Brazilians have taken the lead and is chairing the future negotiations until the high level segment with nation leaders  is starting on the 20th.

We spent the morning waiting for the first official meetings at RioCentro and enjoying some vitamins on the way:

Siv is drinking something really healthy

Finally, at the plenary at 15.30 today (15 1/2 hours after original plan mind you) the Brazilians basicly made it clear that from now on there would be no squabbles about details in the text and that «there will be no brackets», which have been occupying each little part of the text up til now. So far – good news. Brazil obviously wants this text to be completed.

Then they said that a new, consolidated text would be put forward after the meeting. When the text finally came (also about three hours late), it quickly became apparent that the original paragrapgh 80 was GONE. There was NO mention of an Ombudsperson, a High Commissioner or a High Level Representative for future generations what so ever. In short, this is disatrous, as the agreement on this would be one of the few positive and concrete outcomes of the conference whatsoever. Since the paragraph hasn’t been discussed yet during the negotiations, there hasn’t even been a good reason to delete it due to strong opposition.

In addition to this paragraph, a lot of other things has also been lost. Participation of Civil society is weaker than before, and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has lost its coordinating role over Multilateral Environment Agreements. Moreover, while efficiency is quoted 14 times and ecomonic growth 20 times, there is not a single quote on sufficiency, planetary boundaries or limits.This is not good enough. The people of the world, especially civil society and youth, will see this outcome as a failure.

Concerned youth working for a better text

We are now combining all our efforts to strengthening the draft document so that we can get some improvement on these points. Especially the Ombudsperson will for our part be a non-compromising issue. For all of you reading this during the next days, please take some seconds to sign and share this petition, giving a clear message to world leaders that this is not the future we want, and that we deserve and demand better!

– Mari Gjengedal