It is finally here,the show begins next thursday.Our dream is to promote fair and ethical investments by ensuring that western countries (investors) do not acquire investment land in least developed countries unethically.They go there in the name of `development/investments.But no, its neither of the two.They manage to win government support and together they make all sorts of false promises to the local people on how much they will benefit ,they talk about job creation ,building schools and hospitals for instance.Most of these are not done.The governments in the least developed countries do not have concrete lagislation that can protect it’s people from this act.When they have then it’s weak or ignored deliberately.The land is taken away from the local person who relies on agriculture which needs more land.Actualy many people in Africa live in rural areas farming.The world is aware of this.If western big companies take up most of this land to secure their own energy by developing for instance jatropha plantations for biofeuls and produce food for exportation to the west ,where will these people in troubled countries do their farming? Food security is under threat.Worse still most of the projects do not materialise, as the end result the land is dumped to the government.The owners can hardly reclaim it anymore .By luck If the projects work out ,the cake is not equally shared,most of the products are exported back to western countries,least governments do not benefit enough even from tax rates normally set under full desperation because of of lack of capital and unemployment pressures to mention a few.

The same countries are the most hit by adverse effeces of climate change mainly caused by large green house gases from rich countries.But look who is suffering most?who is experiencing the worst problems?

Development is not bad,investment is not bad, but in whose interest? at whose expense?.Life must be fair.

Shortly i will share about the 3 point plant spire is claiming to the Norwageian government.

This thursday it’s a free music concert while raising the land grab Flag within Oslo city.Please participate if you are within.

Nfyd Malawi and Spire on Norway working on this one!!