De siste to dagene har ungdomsnettverket tilknyttet klimaforhandlingene (YOUNGO) jobbet med å påvirke forhandlerne i diskusjonene rundt implementeringen av artikkel 6. i Klimakonvensjonen. Artikkel 6. handler om utdanning, trening og offentlig bevissthet om klimaendringer. Vi i YOUNGO mener at NGO-er og ungdomsorganisasjoner er viktige aktører når det gjelder dette, og derfor at sivilsamfunnets synspunkter bør tas i betraktning når det gjelder gjennomgangen av implementeringen av artikkel 6. (New Delhi Work Programme).

Vi har vært i møte med forhandlere for EU om dette, og Lan og Kari-Anne har frontet ungdommens synspunkter for de norske forhandlerne. Kari-Anne har også holdt et innlegg på dette i en av forhandlingsgruppene i Bonn, du kan se og høre innlegget ved å klikke deg inn her. Kravene våre ble godt mottatt, og flere av landene sa seg enige i våre krav for gjennomgangen av New Delhi Work Programme.

YOUNGOs Intervention on article 6

Kari-Anne Isaksen

Thank you for the floor Madame chair.  My name is Kari-Anne. I will be 63 in 2050.

Dear delegates, friends, we would like to invite you all to imagine another path for the negotiations.

Imagine, that in 1992 all of the parties decided to rely heavily on the implementation of article 6.

Imagine, Public Education, Awareness and Participation are considered by all as the tools that would allow for widespread behavioral changes.

Imagine in 2010, delegates are agreeing an unprecedented international agreement, which is understood and welcomed by the public.

This is not the case. You have chosen another path. Your climate policies, when they exist, are too often met with skepticism and anger. It is not too late to create that path you just imagined, but to achieve this we need concrete projects and initiatives at a new scale.

To guarantee enriching and productive discussions in Cancun on these issues, a proper process for the review of the New Delhi Work Programme is needed.

We demand:

1) The New Delhi Work Programme to be extended beyond 2012 and made stronger.

2) You need to give the secretariat a broad mandate in order to conduct the review process in the most inclusive manner.

3) Young people should be included every time their future is being discussed.  In this spirit, the secretariat needs to call for submissions from civil society on this review process.  Also, young people must be included in National work programme reviews.

4) Finally, we call on you to provide the financial means for the secretariat to organize regional workshops in Africa and SIDS as early as possible this year.

We, the youth, are still in education or we hold it in our recent memories. For you, a few years may have passed.

Join us in imagining a path for Cancun. A path of cooporation, empowerment and public engagement.

Thank you.